Our Second Page

Now that we have created a basic webpage, let us analyze a second, more complex page. For this example, I have marked up a page on German Noun Gender and have provided comments in the code, giving a running commentary of how the page is constructed. Let us compare a screenshot of the page with the code that generated it.

The webpage itself

Screenshot of page

In the screenshot we see a large header, a horizontal line, a smaller header and three paragraphs. This page also demonstrates strong (bold) and emphasized (italicized) text.

Now let us consider the source html file that produced this page.

The code of the page

Screenshot of page

We notice that the source code for this page is much like the one for our first page, except that numerous comments are included, which describe what each tag does.

Let's examine the page

To better understand how this page was constructed, let use view it:

When viewing the page, choose to view the page source (Control + U, or View --> Page Source in Netscape). The source code is specially formatted to allow you see how a variety of tags are used in a longer, more complex document. When finished, go on to the next section.


Chapter 2



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