The idea for this site arose a while back, when I was writing my first web-pages. I had several goals in mind:

  1. Being from Idaho, I wanted to put together a short collection of information about the Gem State.
  2. I wanted to try out various layout styles, and rather than redesigning my personal site every so often, this gave me another outlet.

There is a main page (INDEX.HTM) from which all other sections can be reached. All the pages share a common layout, which is based on a simple template. I had the site structured and laid out when I came across the OGR Travel & Tour site one day; their site gave me the design I wanted for my main page.


The HTML pages for this site were written using NotePad+ by Rogier Meurs. All GIF images were created on Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software, and all JPG images were edited using the same software.


All HTML was written by Steve Krause, and he is responsible for all GIF images. Page layout for this site was greatly influenced by the OGR Travel & Tour site.


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