ABSTRACT: Mark-It-Up is a first attempt at an HTML tutorial for beginners. No knowledge of HTML, mark-up languages in general, or computer programming is assumed. The Introduction provides an overview of what the site is, why it was built, and who the target audience is. The site is divided into 4 main sections: Basics, in which basic terminology and principles are explained; Hands-On, in which a more in-depth example is explored along with explanations of various HTML tags; Show-and-Tell, in which the author provides examples of prior works to demonstrate the principles illustrated to this point; and Not-for-Children, in which less practical and more off-the-wall examples are given. Various appendices supplement the material provided, and touch upon topics not dealt with in the rest of the site. Finally, a section of Links is given in order to provide further and supplementary resources.

This site © copyright 1999, Steve Krause, all rights reserved.

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