1. What is this site?
    • Purpose
    • Organization
  2. Why was this site created?
    • Provide a reference point
    • Bringing together resources
  3. For whom is this site written?
    • My students
    • Those interested in creating their own sites

What is this site?

The purpose of this site - Mark-It-Up - is to provide the casual user with a clear, non-nonsense and practical guide creating webpages and learning HTML. By clear I mean that although it contains technical terms, such terminology will be presented so that both casual computer users as well as more advanced users can understand the material. However, the material will not be dumbed-down for its audience; straight HTML is being presented and it is the belief of the author that anyone who desires to can easily learn to write HTML. Finally, this tutorial was written so that the reader could apply the material presented in creating his/her own webpages.

The site is organized by way of several separate chapters. In the beginning straight HTML is explained; HTML is not a difficult language and can be learned with little effort. The direct application of HTML is covered in the following chapter through a series of examples. The third chapter demonstrates several completed sites as examples and tackles the broader topic of site design. A final chapter deals with less practical examples, including examples of what the reader should not do. A variety of appendices deal with related topics and more complex material. The HTML used in this site has been kept standard and basic; these pages can be viewed with any browser.

Why was this site created?

This site was created to provide a reference point. Many articles have been written over the past several years and shelves of books have been published just on the topic of web design. There are also several superb online tutorials. In short, there is no lack of information. However, those seaching for useful information must often spend considerable time compiling information from a variety of sources. Furthermore, many online and print resources either lack in general quality, are too dumbed-down, or are too specialized for the casual reader. In this regard, this site serves to bring together a variety of resources. Original texts are used to guide the reader, and links to supplementary materials are provided. Finally, the author believes that 1) those wishing to create webpages should "get their hands dirty" learning the basics of HTML and 2) that through doing so they can become better, more informed web designers.

For whom is this site written?

In January 2000 I began teaching a foreign language course in which I required my students to create their own "web portfolios". One of the obvious hurdles was that I could not expect my students to already know how to create webpages, nor could I force them to buy and read 1000-page, rambling volumes on the subject. I decided to provide a concise yet comprehensive and comprehensible tutorial for my students. Mark-It-Up is the result.

Furthermore, in the course of my computer activities I have come across a number of people interested in learing how to create their own webpages. Many are scared off by the fear of the technology. Others feel overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. Others are ready and eager to dive right in, but need a place to start. This site was also created for that type of reader; it is intended as a general reference for those interested in starting their own webprojects.




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