Trivial Tidbits

Welcome to Trvial Tidbits - a small realm (but growing!) of hypertext documents composed by yours truly. Since nearly everything on this site is, technically, a hypertext document by me, how is it that this section is "different"? The origin of this project may interest you and help to answer that question.

These pages - and this "site" - are constantly evolving, and I don't know "where" this site will go. I doubt it will ever "get" there, but the journey is the fun part, right?

If you would like to, you can visit the first set of thoughts that led to Trivial Tidbits.

There is no central "navigation" tool for this "site". If a link appears, click on it. Use forwards and backwards.

If you get bored here, feel free to leave via a page of links. This page uses CSS - or Cascading Style Sheets. Nothing big, nothing really important. If you care to take a look, I have a "test" page - my first document to use CSS and the Latin-2 character set. Just playing around.

Do not pass go.