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Welcome to the Hugo von Hofmannsthal Resource Center. This page was developed as a final project in Barbara Schoenberg's seminar Virgins, Vamps and Veneer: Vienna 1900 (Spring semester, 1997) at Pomona College. One of its purposes is to provide on-line resources to those who are interested in the works of the Austrian writer Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

Those who have not studied German literature may not have heard of Hofmannsthal, and even many Gemanists are only familiar with some of his more famous works. However, Hofmannsthal is without a doubt one of the preeminent German-language poets, dramatists, and essayists of this century, and it is worthwhile to take a more in-depth look into the man, his works, and his time. This web-site hopes to provide the casual observer with a broad overview, the student with a look a particular works, and the scholar with secondary resources for further study.

Here is a list of the resources you will find on this site:

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