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Water Cool your Computer

Water cooling is easy

by Master Switch (MasterSwitch@netscape.net) on Saturday February 20, @06:00PM
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I water cool my computer by placing the mother board and components in my bathtub. I fill the bath tub with ice, salt, and water. My hard drive is currently in my toilet. I suggest rinsing the processor off, and then drying it in the microwave, before you put it on the mother board. For added effect, I turn my hair dryer on, and drop it in the tub full of water and computer. The extra voltage helps speed the processor up. The keyboard is grouted to the shower head, and the monitor hangs off the towel rack. Currently I have a 5mhz 8086 clocked to 200 Terahertz. Asside from the occasional underwater fire, it doesn't seem to mind. I do recommend that you ground yourself to the hot end of a High Voltage power line, before you get in the tub. Also note that welding goggels may be necessary, as the processor is near the Nuclear Fusion temprature, and may emit up to 10megawatts of pure UltraViolet radiation. You may experience the occasional rip in the time space near the processor, if this keeps occuring, lower the clock speed by 50 Terahertz. On rare occasions, black holes may develope near the power supply. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should you pass the event horrizon of the black hole. Do not turn the power off , as this may collapse the universe into your bathroom. There are no known workarounds for the Black Hole problem.


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