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Old colored-pencil sketch.

I have been interested in drawing and painting (and art in general) since a very young age. I have basically no formal training in this realm, but still, I enjoy drawing when I can find the time. I have done a few larger works (basically all given away when I finished high school), some sketches here and there, and I used to doodle almost every day in class. Below are are few pages related to my interest in the visual arts.

2004-ish Sketches: In August of 2004 I purchased a new sketchbook. Most of the work therein is made with a rollerball pen ($1.25 at the University Bookstore). Here are a few images that I have scanned. Thumbnails and captions are provided.

Marbach Sketches: During the Sommerschule Literaturwissenschaft (2003) in Marbach, Germany, I produced a handful of ink sketches, some of which I have scanned and posted. Thumbnails and brief descriptions are provided.

Ancient Sketches: During the summer of 2004 I came across a handful of older sketches that I decided to scan and post. Most are pencils sketches from around 2002 that were inked in 2004. Thumbnails and captions are provided.

Fossilized Sketches: I have scanned in a few of my older works from the early–mid-90s and posted them here online. They vary in size (from 24K to 137K). Thumbnails are provided; brief descriptions accompany the pictures.