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We all need something to laugh at from time to time. The Internet is full of joke lists, sites devoted to urban legends, news of the weird and tributes to human folly. My own sense of humor is diverse--I like puns, one-liners, parody and satire, dark (and sick) humor, etc. To me, almost nothing is sacred.

On this page I have put links to other pages on my site as well as to several remote sites not associated with skrause.org. Many of the postings you'll find here I received via email over a long span of time. Some--perhaps even most--are quite common and can be found elsewhere with ease. I make no claim of authorship or ownership of the material provided on these pages, and I have assumed that it is all "public domain" (unless otherwise stated).

Some of the humor is quite innocent. Various pages are prone to offend certain people, and others are quite vulgar, and are intended for a more "mature" audience. That said: don't complain if you don't like what you find. Furthermore, the 'humor' represented here does not necessarily represent the views or values of the site's maintainer.

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