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Myths are stories. Usually allegorical and often symbolic, myths are common is almost every culture. However, that is not to say that their role is always the same. Many myths involve deities, and often religious meaning can be connected, yet in many regards myths have much more fundamental cultural roles. We have myths of creation, myths of birth and rebirth, and myths about heroes among many other types. Myths are both explanations of the world as well as affirmations of a culture's beliefs and traditions. And even though most mythologies belong to cultures and times long past, these same stories and figures have become common currency in our own cultures.

Many books have been written on myths (and mythology), on their significance, and on comparing and contrasting them between cultures and ages. Furthermore, numerous web sites have sprung up that provide information on myths and mythology. This site will not attempt to imitate these other sites. Instead, I will provide information on and links to things that I find particularly interesting and useful.

If you have any information you would like to see added to this page, or if you simply want to comment, please e-mail me.