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“Under penalty of law, this tag not to be removed ...”

This page serves to answer several questions regarding: the authorship and ownership of this site and its contents; the responsibilities of the author of the site; and the use of copyrighted and/or trademarked materials on this site.

All pages on this site are the original creation of Steven P. Krause (the “author”), and such pages may not be passed off as your own. Unless otherwise stated, the content of the pages on this site is the work of the author, and may not be redistributed without giving due credit to the author. Such credit can consist of naming the author and providing a link back to this site and/or the original content. If you wish to use any text, image or code/layout implementation, please contact the author; (enthusiastic) permission will probably be given.

That said, the following exceptions should be noted:

Regarding the use of copyrighted and/or trademarked material, the author makes the following claims:

This site is provided as is. The author makes no warranty, either express or implied, regarding the quality (that is, 'entertainment value', 'ethical/moral value', 'factual nature', etc.) of the pages contained herein. Furthermore, the author takes no responsibilty for: