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My K6

If you are visiting this page, you are probably here because you are curious about my computer. Sorry to disappoint you.

No, no...don't get me wrong—there is information about my computer here, but said information probably won't astound you. My handy-dandy AMD box is still chugging along, but it is over 5 1/2 years old. In addition, this page was sort of created for Andrew Manies, a friend who had been (for a while) bugging me about my computer. So, I posted this information for him (as if he really cares anymore; this was a few years ago when he was bugging me about it). However, if—out of plain ol' curiosity—you want to know about my computer, then read on. (And, thanks again for visiting. Really, I mean that...)

This computer has gone through a number of minor modifications since I first bought it. "Way back when" it had 32MB of RAM, a single 4.3GB drive, a 24-speed CD-ROM, and a crappy soft-modem (Apollo chipset). Now it acts as a file-server, and it chugs along doing its job. Quietly. In the closet.

Processor AMD K6 233
Cache 512KB
Hard Drives 4.3GB Western Digital
4.0GB Samsung
4.0GB Quantum
30.0GB Samsung
CD-Rom None
Video STB Velocity 3D (4MB Virge card)
Sound None
Modem None
Network Card 3Com 905 PCI
OS Debian GNU/Linux

I bought my computer from
(now out of business)