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My Quadra

I managed to obtain an old Apple Macintosh Quadra 660AV, which is a nice little machine with quite a few nifty features. It has 68040 processor; the bus runs at 25MHz, but the chip is at 50MHz. It has 4MB on the motherboard, and had an extra 16 in it when I got it. I had an extra 32MB simm available, so upped the memory to 52MB total. I upgraded its 250MB hard drive to one 1GB in capacity. Below are a few of the "numbers" on the machine.

Processor Motorola 68040 Quadra 660av
L1 Cache 8K
Hard Drive 1GB
Sound stereo 16 bit; 55Mhz AT&T DSP
Ethernet AAUI-15 (needs a transceiver)
Monitor 17" SVGA with adapter
OS Mac System 7.6.1

In addition, Andrew Manies was kind enough to provide me with some information (via screenshots) from newerram.