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Once upon a time Apple created little "Toaster Macs"—these cute litte boxes can be turned into fishtanks, for example. I, however, have a working Mac SE; it is not likely to become a fishtank anytime soon.

In the spring of 1998, Günter Oesterle, a visiting professor from Germany, needed a computer to use in his office; the chair (Don Becker) provided him with his old Mac SE. The next fall, Don Becker—none too happy at the idea of packing up the SE and putting it back in the closet—offered his little old Mac to me. I accepted, and since then it has been sitting in my apartment, finding occasional use. Below you'll find the "stats" on my Mac SE.

Processor Motorola 68000 Mac SE
Hard Drive 40MB
Other Port for external floppy drive
2 ABD ports
2 serial ports (modem & printer)
speaker & microphone (mono)