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There was this Newfoundland priest hearing confessions when he had a sudden urge to take a piss. He didn't want to close down the confessionals so he decides to find someone to fill on for a couple of minutes while he relieves himself. He looks outside and there is a janitor standing there. The priest asks him if he will fill in for a few minutes. The janitor is reluctant because he doesn't know much about the job. The priest explains that people come in and confess, and you just read the chart on the wall, and give the appropriate pennance. The janitor agrees and the priest hurries off to the washroom. A guy comes in and confesses to the janitor that he has committed oral sex. The janitor looks at the chart, but the penalty for oral sex isn't on the list. He didn't know what to do, so he decided to ask someone. He looks outside and there is a choir boy standing there. The janitor says "What does the Father usually give for oral sex?" The choir boy replies "Usually just a bag of chips and a can of Coke."