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Corrective Surgury

This guy gets into a horrible auto accident and part of the damage form the accident was that his dick was amputated. So, this dude is at the doctor and is desperate. He pleads with the doctor to do something for him, so the doctor tells him that there is a little baby elephant over at the zoo that just died. The doctor says that they can use the elephant's trunk in place of this guy's schlong. The guy is getting all excited and tells the doctor to do it. A few years later the guy is with this incredible babe and they are out for dinner. All of a sudden, she sees this thing come up from under the table and grab a dinner roll and then dissappear back under the table. She screams and asks what the hell it was. He tells her that he has to level with her. "A few years ago I had an accident, and my dick was cut off, so the doctor replaced it with the trunk from a baby elephant." She thought that it was amazing and she asked if he could do it again. He hesitatnly said, "Yeah, I can do it again, but I don't know if my ass can take another roll!"