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Penises of the World

The Equal Penis
Tastes like Sugar
The Raid Penis
Kills bugs dead
The Excedrin Penis
It's tthhhhiiiiiiissss big
The Sprite Penis
Image is nothing... Taste is everything
The Snickers Penis
It satisfies you
The Alkaseltzer Penis
Pop, pop, fizz, fizz... Oh, what a relief it is...
The Magnavox Penis
Smart. Very Smart
The Life Call Penis
It's fallen and it can't get up
The American Express Penis
Don't leave home without it
The Tootsie Roll Pop Penis
How many licks DOES it take...?
The Pringles Penis
Once you pop, you can't stop
The m&m Penis
Melts in your mouth, not in your hand
The Frosted Flakes Penis
The Lucky Charms Penis
They're magically delicious
The Energizer Penis
It keeps going and going
The Metra Penis
The way to REALLY fly
The Right Guard Penis
Anything less is uncivilized
The Jolly Green GIANT Penis
The Cambells Soup Penis
mmm mmm good...
The Kix Penis
Kid tested, mother approved
The Tombstone Penis
What would you like on your penis?
The Ragu Penis
Comes out chunkier than the rest
The Chips Ahoy Penis
Betcha bite a chip (huh?)
The Cobain Penis
It blows itself away
The Purdue Penis
More meat, less bone
The All State Penis
You're in good hands
The 7-Up Penis
The UN-Penis.
The Nike Penis
Just do it
The Borden Penis
It's GOT to be good
The Barq's Penis
The one with bite
The Beef Penis
It's what's for dinner
The Bud Lite Penis
Great taste, less filling
The Subway Penis
Where fresh is the taste
The Life Penis
Mikey likes it
The Transformers Penis
It's more than meets the eye
The Twizzler Penis
It makes mouths happy
The Nintendo Penis
Now you're playing with power
The Sega Penis
The Robitussin Penis
Used by nine out of ten moms
The Crest Penis
Recommended by 3 out of 4 dentists
The Champion Penis
The official penis of the '96 u.s.a. olympic team
The Starburst Penis
The juice is loose
The Toyota Penis
I love what you do for me
The THX Penis
The Citibank Visa Penis
It's everywhere you want to be
The Timex Penis
Takes a lickin and keeps on.......
Burger King Penis
Have it your way
Dairy Queen Penis
Hot eats, cool treats (we treat you right)
The McDonald's Penis
Over 8 billion served
McDonald's Penis ][
Have you had your break today?
The Kentucky Fried Chicken Penis
Everybody needs a little
The Wendy's Penis
Where's the beef?
The Army Penis
Be all that you can be
The Uncle Sam Penis
We want you
The Milk Penis
It does a body good (got penis?)
The Flintstone's Vitamins Penis
10 million strong and growing
The Wizard of Oz Penis
"Oh My!"
The Captain Planet Penis
The Folger's Crystals Penis
It's freeze dried to seal in the freshness--AND--the best part of wakin up is a penis in your cup
The Lays Penis
Betcha can't eat just one
The Mr. Clean Penis
Is it wet or is it dry?
The Diet Coke Penis
Just for the taste of it...
The Doublemint Penis
Chewing really satisfies
The Juicyfruit Penis
The taste is gonna move ya
The Big Red Penis
It's longer with Big Red
The Matthew Sweet Penis
100% fun
The Millikin Penis
Big blue
Robutussin Penis ][
Recommended by Dr. Mom...
The neon Penis
The Little Caesar's Penis
Penis!! Penis!! or Pleaser! Pleaser!
The generic Penis
One size fits all
The Bounty Penis
The quicker picker-upper
The Pizza Hut Penis
Makin' it great
The Bounce Penis
With Static-Guard!
The Domino's Pizza Penis
Delivers in 30 min or less
The Monty Python Penis
"Isn't awfully nice to have a penis"
The Monty Python Penis ][
"Every sperm is sacred...."
The Budweiser Penis
This bud's for you
The Siskel & Ebert Penis
2 thumbs up...
The George of the Jungle Penis
Watch out for that.......tree?
The Nyquil Penis
The nighttime coughing, sneezing, runny-nose, itching, burning, so you can't rest penis
The Rice Krispies Penis
What does your penis say to you? The Extra Penis
Lasts an extra extra extra long time
Wonder Bubbles Penis
Magic wand inside!
Wonder bubbles Penis II
For ages 3 and up
The Phantom of the Opera Penis
Music of the night
The Webster's Thesaurus Penis
How many words are there for penis?
The Charmin Penis
Don't squeeze the penis!
The Sears Penis
Come see the brighter side
The Jewel Penis
Take a new look at an old friend
The C&C Music Factory Penis
Makes you go hmmmmm...
The Rick James Penis
The Gilette Penis
The best a man can get
The Charmin double roll Penis
It lasts longer because it IS longer
The Bacardi Penis
Taste the feeling
The Macintosh Penis
Power is everything
The Borg Penis
Resistance is futile
The Edge Shaving Cream Penis
Ultimate closeness, ultimate comfort
The Beatles Penis
Now a quarter smaller than it used to be
The Oasis Penis
Thinks it's the Beatles penis
The Jell-O Penis
Look at it wiggle, look at it jiggle
The Virginia Slims Penis
you've come a long way, baby
The AT&T Penis
Reach out and touch someone
The Highlander Penis
In the end, there can be only one
The Secret Penis
Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman -or- Strong enough for a man, ph balanced for a woman
The Micro Machines Penis
A whole world, in the palm of your hand
The Ertl Penis
Just like the real thing, only smaller
The Sanka Penis
Good to the last drop
The Swiss Miss Penis
The taste you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!
The "mine is better syndrome" Penis
my penis is bigger than your penis
The Yellow Pages Penis
Let your fingers do the walking
The Sony play station Penis
You are not ready
The Heinz Penis
Good things come to those who wait
The Hinz Penis
2 and half inches of terror
The Reese's Penis
How do you eat your Reese's?
The Life Savers Penis
Five fruity flavors
The Kenny Rodgers Penis
Very very hairy
The Rush Limbaugh Penis
Bald and fat
It doesn't work most of the time
Health Services Penis
Ummm well we lost it
Health Services Penis ][
It's not here right now, but here's some Sudafed
The Chevy Truck Penis
Like a rock!
The Mazda Penis
It just feels right
The Ford Penis
Built Ford tough
The Ford Penis ][
Have you driven a penis lately?
The Butterfinger Penis
Nobody better lay a finger on my penis
The Eggo Penis
Leggo my penis
The Bic Lighter Penis
Go ahead, flic my penis
The Prudential Penis
Rock-solid penis
The ABC Penis
Watched by millions of viewers
The Disney Penis
When you wish upon a penis
The Disney Penis ][
It's a small one after all