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The Redneck's Tale

Long before the first cat hat was donned, the first cherry-bomb muffler installed, or the first pop-top bracelet created, Rednecks roamed the earth.

Nobody knows exactly where they came from or who the first one was. Maybe they descended from a caveman who liked to scratch a lot while admiring the prehistoric kill of the day, or maybe a Roman soldier who put taps on his sandals and fuzzy dice on his chariot. Regardless of their roots, today they not only survive, they flourish.

A common misconception is that Rednecks are confined to warmer climates and speak with a southern accent, but nothing could be further from the truth. Rednecks are very durable characters and can adapt to any climate (with the help of flannel and chenille).

Redneck is not a term of derision; it's a state of mind.