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Sol and Abe

There were these two old men, Sol and Abe, who REALLY loved baseball. They went to every game played in town; they subscribed to Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News - they lived, ate, and breathed baseball.

One day, Abe passed away. His friend, Sol, was desolute, but he kept up with the baseball. Months went by, and Sol was lonely without his good friend Abe. And, one day, as Sol was walking down the street, he heard a strange, yet familiar, voice from around him.

"Solly...can you hear me...? I'm heeeeeere, Sol..." Well, Sol was confused and shaken, but he had the presence of mind to answer back: "Who's there? Who are you?"

"Sooollll, it's your old friend, AAAAAbe... I'm talking to you from Heeeeeeaven...."

"ABE! Is that YOU? Really? H-h-how are you doing? What's Heaven LIKE?", sputtered Sol.

"Soolllllll, it's greeeaaat! I love it! You will, toooooo... But...I've good news and bad news for you, Soolllly..."

"Yeah? Wow! Well, tell me the good news, Abe!"

"Sollll, the good news is that there's BASEball here in Heavvvven..."

"Great, Abe!...So, what's the bad news???"

"Soollll, the bad news is...you're batting 'cleanup' tomorrow...."