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A Californian, Texan, and Washingtonian ...

A Californian, a Texan, and a Washingtonian are out camping together. They're sitting around the fire when the Texan says, "Hey - watch this, y'all."

He takes his half-full bottle of tequila, throws it up in the air, pulls out a six-shooter and shoots the bottle. The Californian looks at him and says "What'd you do that for?"

The Texan replies "Don't worry none, cousin - plenty more where I come from."

The Californian thinks this over, decides he's not to be outdone, and throws his half-full bottle of California red wine in the air. He pulls out an Uzi and shatters the bottle with half a dozen rounds. The Washingtonian looks over and says "What was that for?"

The Californian looks smug and says "Don't worry, plenty more where that came from. We make the best wine in the world!"

The Washingtonian considers this, drains his bottle of Ste. Michelle, and throws the bottle in the air. He pulls out a shotgun, shoots the Californian, catches the bottle, and sets it carefully next to his bag. As he opens another bottle the Texan looks shocked and says "What'd you do that for?!?"

The Washingtonian replies "Hell, don't worry. We got way too many of those where I come from anyway. Besides, the bottle's actually worth a nickel."