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Theodor W. Adorno

Is that a Lawyer in your pocket ...

...or are you just pleased to see me?

Here at the WB we take our job very seriously, but we refuse to take ourselves very seriously. We sure hope you haven't confused us with a more well-known WB(tm), one with armies of lawyers, lovers, and a lunatic lineup for the spring ratings run.

This site is a parody site. You've read that correctly. We are not the WB network ... that one with the funky frog, the menacing mascot, the tedious teen television offerings. A link to their site was provided in the previous paragraph. Let us -- if only for a moment -- ponder what is meant with this site and the rights we claim to have regarding the appropriation of said corporation's so-called "intellectual property".

Parody is a protected form of "speech"; websites count as "speech"; this is a website. Is this parody? We are imitating and poking fun at said corporation. We are also poking fun at a certain dead guy whose initials match up nicely with the letters in said corporation's name. Furthermore, we are making fun of a number of other pop-culture and corporate entities. We like to spread the joy and love.

We feel the need to mention this whole fair-use thing because, as is obvious, we are using -- without an ounce of permission, mind you -- the so-called intellectual property of a certain corporation. Their website even expressly forbids this action, but the U.S. Constitution, amendments thereto, and case law carry more weight than their legalese. Just a note: we are not competing with them, unfairly or otherwise. As to the details of their intellectual property borrowed/stolen/appropriated: almost all graphics on this site were copied from their site. We admit it. We right-clicked and high-lighted "Save Image As..."

If you have any questions or concerns, would like to contribute to our legal fund, or wish to complain, just email us. Oh, and thanks for reading this little prose project. Now: carry on.


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