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...Cybercommunism and the Gift Culture
...The Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate
...The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproducibility
...Red Brigade and Irony. You decide.

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...The Herstory Channel presents Oedipus's Military-Industrial Complex: moving beyond our normal high-school level view of history and our obsession with the Second World War, we choose to deconstruct the father-daughter relationship as represented in the phallic gestalt of pre-Socratic tragic mother-figures. Narrated by Martin Heidegger and Angelina Jolie.

...Æ features Rooking and Queening as Knight-Moves -- a study of Chess as Game and Musical in Kafka's Castle. This docu-drama (after all, as Aristotle teaches us, fiction is better than real history; see his Poetics) examines the socio-ethical considerations of pawning off kings to bishops in decadent pre-modernist monarchies. Hosted by Eric Idle.

...Be sure to catch TLC's post-deconstruction refinishing work of Anne Frank's House, written and directed by Paul DeMan, destinguished Bob Vila professor and host of This Old Nazi.

...Don't miss Jules Verne and Stanislav Richter on Firing Squad debating Litnicks vs. Illiteratti: Or Roman Jakobson revisited.

...Watch NBC to see Gene Kelly and Dave Barry discuss Capitalism and Capitalization: Why unionized Turkish Gastarbeiter won't let Kebonics die in Gasttürkenmigrantenliteratur Friday on Dateline: die Stunde Null.

...Test your ABCs on ZDF's new German version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" as Die Prinzen's own Sebastian Krumbiegel ("Ich wär' so gern' Millionär") asks "Is that your final solution?"



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