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Theodor W. Adorno

Spring Forward ... Fall Back

For Children and other Age-discriminated-persons

Einbahnstrasse: Follow the adventures of Walter "Big Bird" Vogelweide, Theodore and Max as they set out on a one-way street leading from their childhoods in Berlin to their first day of kindergarten at a school in Frankfurt.

Lah-dee-dah, Derrida, Whoop-tee-doo: Or Mamas, don't let your children grow up to be pomos, a parenting show for the relativists of us that presents a post-colonial and ethnicity-neutral chronotope for teaching children the negative dialectics of making whoopie.

Up Dawson's Creek without the Requisite Jailbait: Sherlock and Katie Holmes are in 7th Heaven after Buffy stakes out Dr. Watson's Roswell office.

Transformers: Valient Automatons battle the evil Deconstructicons as the war for Lebensraum is fought in the Wohnzimmer.

Soap Operas and Soap Boxes

The Fountainpen: Randy Ayn's classic flight of fancy faithfully filmed full of fascism for fabulous family fun.

The Origin of the German Morning Play: the finest of night-time entertainment, now in a prime-time slot.

Deconstructing Amy: Non-judgmental and elitist for the post-modern scholar in all of us.

Fixated on Freud: Sigmund and his brother Niles run their own radio talk-show.

Touched by the Angel of History: Proust and Baudelaire wander from Moskau to Berlin spreading the Illuminations of the Angelus Novus.

Late-night Enlightenment

Sprockets with Dieter: Dieter strokes his monkey and his goatee.



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