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New Books: Catch these new titles at bookstores everywhere! We recommend, Barnes and Fife, and Walden Ponds. Your opinion matters.

:: Available April 20 clothebound: Zen and the Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Maintenance, this posthumorous treatise by master of new-age mysticism Benjamin brings together the sardonic wit of Huxley with the hard rationality of Jonathon Livingstone Seagull. An anti-materialist primer of the dialectic for all ages.

:: Upcoming: Mourning has Broken, or the Cat is out of the Bag, an intriguing look at the Irish-Catholic wake through the eyes of post-Freudian psycho-analysis and post-modern ethical theory. Paradigmatic case studies drawn primarily from work that emerges in the aftermath of the Holocaust is compared with the trauma of the Irish-potato famine. Art Spiegelmann's Maus brings up the tail-end of this catchy book.

:: Under Review: Walter Benjamin and the Corpse of Autobiography, a ground-breaking study in how Benjamin used the freshly-deceased as objects of stimulation in his autobiographical writings, from Berlin Childhood up to the Moscow Diaries.

:: Forthcoming: Specters of Benjamin's Ghosts in Marx's Freudian Trauma, an ambitious synthetic work promising to redirect Benjamin scholarship for decades to come, this soon-to-be-finished dissertation inspired one British critic to reply enthusiastically, "Absolutely Fad!"

Soon on Sprockets: A preview of the topics Dieter will debate and discuss in soon-to-be-aired episodes.

:: Unhappy Angels: The 4 Benjamins of the Apocalypse: Dieter and guest Bert Brecht ponder the 4-fold dialectic of Benjamin; Benjamin the Marxist, Benjamin the Mystic, Benjamin the Critic and Benjamin the literary figure.

:: The Angel of History and the History of Angels: Hannah Arendt and Ayn Rand co-star.

:: The Henker and his Richter: Moderated by Fritz "The Cat" and Robert Crumb, this celebrity death-match brings a new meaning to judge, jury and executioner.

:: Focaccio, the lost art of Bread: Guest-chef Emeril Lagasse kicks Michel Foucault up a notch in this action-packed episode. Audience participation requested.

:: Enlightenment for Children; as demonstrated via an experiment on Brecht: This episode is rated TV-MA for graphic violence, sex and mature bodily deconstruction.



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