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Blast From the Past #1

When I first got my scanner (years and years ago ... 1998?) I did not have access to a bunch of server-side scripting languages to help me put together my digital photo albums. Instead, I relied on simple <meta> tags and REFRESH so I could create a simple slide-show. I was going through some old directories on my server and found the photos and pages I used for one such slide-show, and decided to adapt it a bit for PHP.

Adrian and Rene

Well, this brings us to the end of our tour. I thought I would end with a picture from my last trip to Gifhorn, Germany (where I spent my year as an exchange student). This is from X-mas, 1995. My friend Jessica (and here and here is taking the picture, and the two guys in the picture are Adrian and Rene. Adrian and Jessica both have the last name Popp; however, they are not related. When I first met him, Rene had neither the the pointed facial growth nor the longer-than-shoulder-length hair that he has in the picture.

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—December 6, 2003