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Drainssss ... DRAINsssssss

So cry out zombie plumbers.

A woman at another picnic table at the Union (not part of our group) was imitating a plumber, and really needed to find a way to pull her pants up in back. It was fitting as we were talking about Turkish toilets.

Pictures of the day:


How about a nice big hot steaming cup of Shut the Fuck Up?

Yesterday afternoon I was made aware of a small error in yesterday’s entry; Mozilla worked around it, so I did not see it until it was pointed out to me ... an improperly closed anchor tag. I decided to validate that and other pages in this section.

Earlier in the week I validated the main page for the first time in ages; it went smoothly. Try as I might, though, I could not get the pages in this section to validate. The first issue I noticed was that I did not have PHP including my DTD file, so I went through the whole directory and edited the files to include it. While I was at it I switched to XHTML style non-container tags (IMG, LINK, BR, etc.)—that is to say, things like <br> became <br />. I remembered that I needed to remove all my border=0 attributes from images; border has long been deprecated. Still, however, things would not validate. I kept getting comments about character data not being allowed after the tags I was using, so I suspected a syntax error. I was using HTML 4.x strict, but tried XHTML strict ... also a no-go. Then I tried HTML 4.x Transitional, and suddenly things worked. I realized it must have been a matter of using a deprecated tag ... and I was right, to my disappointment.

<blockquote> is no longer to be used. Instead one should use a <div> and set a proper class or style (margin-left: 3em, for example), so I had to change a few dozen pages in my talk section to bring them up-to-date. In the process I decided to validate all the pages in the talk section; I will get to other pages on this site in the future. Most of the sections are rather small, but the humor section contains more than a hundred pages.

Lesson learned: do not use <blockquote> anymore.

Afternoon in a nutshell:

Turkish Toilet from www.dilplast.it

Retro Music Playlist:

Was für'ne blöde Frage, ob das wirklich nötig ist.
Ich habe halt zwei Autos, weil mir eins zu wenig ist.
Sie passen beide in meine Garage, für mich ist das Grund genug.
Was soll ich sonst in diese Garage neben meiner Riesen-Villa tun?
Die Geräte für den Swimmingpool liegen schon im Gartenhaus,
und die Spielzeugeisenbahn ist im Keller aufgebaut.

Recent Entertainment:

—May 20 2005