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“Hold my watch, because if it breaks I’ll kill everyone on this train.”

News, movies, and books. A day in review.

”Before Medea sailed away on the Helios she killed king Creon and the princess, with what? A: A rock. B: Spear-gun or C: a bit of Poison.”

Notes from the News:

Natalee Holloway - photo copyright the AP

Movies from the past few days:

Wild Things
“I want you to call the man who sent you here. I want you to tell him you got a very long look at the two of us, we were definitely not the people on the train. Do you understand? If you do that, you do it convincingly, you walk out of here, we give you half a million dollars, okay? If you don’t do it convincingly, I take you out back, and I run my fucking tractor over your head the rest of the day. Okay?”

Some reading material:

Possibilities and Paradox

The day in review:

I woke up at 6 and went back to bed; a bit after 9 Andrew called, wishing to provide me with quotes from the above-mentioned Salon article. I informed him that I had already read it, and then I went back to bed for a while. I had bizarre dreams regarding kids crossing the street in front of cars as well as an oven that was used at Auschwitz—mind you, this was a kitchen range sort of oven. Silly, I know. There were walks over the overpass into Meridian, ID (a not-too-rare trope in some of my dreams) and matters of forged currency. The rest is gone from my memory. It was fun, though, for the most part.

I got up, showered, had breakfast, and dealt with various emails and phone calls. I watched Ripley’s Game. Some work, but not much, was accomplished. I eventually got Kaela on the phone later in the afternoon.

Darin Eich’s birthday gathering was at the Terrace at 5. The sky was blue and clear, so I left my umbrella at home, put on my sandals, and walked down Langdon to the Union. I bought ice cream, chatted with Jenny (journalism), Mark (medical physics; saw him at Julia’s Tuesday party), Brian (a regular), Jeff (did not catch what he was in) and a few others. Matt Greenberg showed up. Jason (physics) arrived. Much conversation was conducted. Around 7 it began to rain. Big juicy drops falling heavily, not drizzle. We cleaned up, and then made a run for it; I ended up in side with Jason, his girlfriend (biological statistics, as of this coming fall), and Jenny’s beer, which was, since she was stuck outside near the Union Theater, eventually donated to Darin. Around 7:30 the rain let up and we left. Darin and a friend went to the Nitty Gritty. I came home.

—June 10 2005