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Hard g or soft g? June has passed

The weather in Madison is still annoyingly warm and humid, even with occasional rain showers. Last night I went for ice cream; the line was long enough that I had to spend the first few minutes waiting outside before there was room enough inside. All that waiting for sugar and milk? As I walked home it began to sprinkle, just a few drops here and there, but the signs were clear, for later there would be a rain and thunder storm.

Random news and links, as well as videos watched.

Peeping Tom Pulled From Outhouse Tank: Stinky. “We treated him as if he were hazardous material.”

Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys: See the last comment on the page ... it is scarylycious.

A nice scarecrow with rich, deep colors, if nothing else. I guess it is called “Doll of the Fear.”

Mencken wrote that “For every problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.”

As evidence of this sort of thinking in the extreme I present The Master Cleanser, a page and set of texts on said diet. The perspective is a holistic one, entirely unscientific. Not only does it operate from the premise that all disease is caused by chemical imbalances in the body and a build up of toxins, it goes so far as to claim that germs (bacteria and viruses) are really no problem at all (“Germs and viruses do not and cannot cause any of our diseases, so we have no need for finding various kinds of poisons to destroy them [...] These germs are our friends, there are no bad ones, and if given a chance will break up and consume these large amounts of waste matter and assist us in eliminating them from the body”). It reminds one, in a way, of Tom Cruise’s recent and idiotic (though fully in compliance with the teaching[s] of Scientology) exclamations that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalances in the brain. While I happen to agree that our culture has grown drug-happy (we like to prescribe some chemical for every perceived aberation from the norm), the over-use of drugs does not imply that drugs are of no medical use. Holism and a platonic obsession with absolutes ... the marks of pseudo-science.

For your pervert-of-the-day I recommend Perverted-Justice.com: “Exposing wannabe perverts on the ’net.” Plenty of disturbing people.


More random art from deviantART ... not always good, but always amusing.

Since I am having a few folks over tomorrow evening for a movie, I figured I should clean up a bit. Furthermore I had quite a bit of food in my freezer, and I wanted to use it in a few recipes. I pulled out the chicken and was about to toss a breast in the frying pan, but it smelled a bit off. A corner of the bag, either at the back or the front, had not remained properly frozen; it furthermore leaked what I will call chicken-juice all over. The bags of peaches and stir-fry veggies remained sealed and would be fine, but I tossed the bag of chicken and had questions about the turkey roasts, which I had purchased on sale. A little chicken-juice had penetrated the cardboard boxes; I tossed them. Then I thought about it, explored a bit more, and realized that the turkey itself was untouched, so decided to bake both roasts. I opened up the peaches for a peach cobbler, but somehow the peaches had gone sort of brown and mushy ... so I tossed them, too.

Food and ice cubes were out of the freezer compartment, so I decided to de-ice it and clean it out ... chicken-juice drenched ice layered the bottom. Today there is still some there, but most of it is gone. This evening I can probably put a tray or two of cubes in to freeze.

The turkey roasts turned out fine. Dinner last night (with rice and veggies, for example) and lunch today. I still have a lot of canned food and such in the cupboards. I will head to the grocery store tomorrow for a few perishables and for some baking goods, so that I can make cookies for tomorrow evening.


Devon just called for the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin. Sorry, not interested. I do not care if you represent a charity or other worthwhile cause. I am poor, and I do not appreciate phone solicitors and telemarketers. Fuck off.

—June 30 2005