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Make an alligator look like a dachshund

No meth-mouth today.


It is not that I have been too busy to write, only that I have been consumed by apathy and have had no desire to do so.

They came by to show the apartment yesterday and today, so I left yesterday afternoon to go shopping, and today I met Jyoti for lunch, tea, etc. After sandwiches for lunch and a break at Steep & Brew we went to HCW to find Sara, but after a look around the philosophy department (5th floor) we concluded that she had already gone, so we went back to Memorial Library, where we found her. Off to Espresso Royale it was. We talked of movies and books and such matters.

The books I returned to the library today:

I read a few of these, parts of a few more, and meant to read them all.

I shall return more on Wednesday.

Shirley MacLaine “I never met Agnes in person, but I talked to her recently and she’s doing fine.” (regarding Agnes Moorehead [d. 1979], whose role the show Bewitched MacLaine plays in the new movie of the same name)

Neat books that I do not have:


I have been watching little recently, though I have seen the first two episodes of the new seasons of Battlestar Galactica (I approve), as well as Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 (or should that be Stargates Atlantis and SG-1?). Since I last wrote I watched the first season of Black Books ... the wine episode (Grapes of Wrath I believe) was marvelous.

Instead of watching I have been reading for the most part. In the week before the release of the new Harry Potter book I found myself rereading the first five, not out of expectation of/for the sixth, but simply because I felt like I needed some comfort-books, something light, quick, and juicy. Since then I have taken the plunge and started reading The Uncanny X-Men from the beginning, starting with the first 66 issues, which date from the 1960s. Then I skipped ahead in terms of publication date to read The Hidden Years; there are also a number of Amazing Stories, Spider-Man, Captain American and other comics in which the X-Men appear. Then the series was reloaded in a sense in the mid/late 1970s. A new team was introduced (Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine in particular), Chris Claremont came on board, and greater characterization and longer story arcs became the norm.

I recently finished the Dark Phoenix Saga and Kitty Pryde has joined the X-Men. It is time for Days of Future Past.

—July 26 2005