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Two Lefts Make a Right?

The poor child has two left arms, and thus dancing comments about two left feet are inappropriate, though you have to hand it to me, I tried.

Let's keep things short this time.

Three-Armed Chinese Baby, May 2006

There is only one photograph, cropped and resized in various ways, but the headlines are legion:

... and so on.

Jyoti left today; I got up shortly after 4:30 so we could leave by 5:30 for her 5:52 bus (TXL from Alexanderplatz to Tegel). I walked home, taking photos along the way. At the end of Dircksenstr. (Hackescher Markt) there is a chain bakery, and at 6am the worker bees were setting out tables and chairs. But for me the streets were empty; not even Starbucks opens until 8:30.

Berlin at its best.

At some point I will get around to posting more travel journals, pictures, etc. The 1st of October last year was to be my return to posting, but I got distracted. Throughout the month I had interesting tales to tell, but they withered in my mind. The winter months were an intellectual wasteland, and spring has been busier than expected. At last summer approaches, my year draws to an end, and I return to my domain.

A remake of The Omen is opening today; I doubt I'll go. They are remaking The Wicker Man, this time with Nicholas Cage—the remaking, not the remake, disturbs me. I am waiting for Hollywood remakes of:

Citizen Kane and Casablanca should star Nicholas Cage; Lindsay Lohan is perfect for The Wizard of Oz, and William H. Macy is right for M.

I fear that the Bollywood porn industry is or should be called Bollywoody.

—June 6 2006