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Option+s, Alt+225

I'm on a soundtrack kick these days, in particular .hack//SIGN and elements of the first GitS SAC CD (Lithium Flower and Inner Universe), though in the non-soundtrack realm I keep coming back to VT's Blue Caravan—I have yet to tire of it, and a subwoofer just improves it.

Other material: soy milk, spam, and television. It is all a fragment.

Wicker Park at night
Wicker Park at night

In the middle of a drawn out grammar and orthography rant in each section Monday morning/afternoon I digressed to the Eszett for some reason. My favorite origin of the Eszett is as a ligature of a sharp s and z, for this ties it to sz in Hungarian. The typography-geek in me cares more about its rendering in various typefaces.

Angely i demony kruzhili nado mnoj
Rassekali ternii i mlechnye puti
Ne znaet schast'ya ot togo,
Kto ego zova ponyat' ne smog...

Plant beverage of the day? Westsoy Unsweetened Almond Soymilk—a mouthful, that. It was on sale at the Co-Op last week so I purchased a few bricks of both the almond and the chocolate. On the back they do provide an “Almond Cream Pie in Coconut Crust” recipe.

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 17:14:58 -0600 (CST)
From: mywebspace-admin@lists.services.wisc.edu
Subject: [My WebSpace] Report for /jljenkin/web/people/people.htm


      2006-11-13 00:13:44 CET Resource Read

The lesson learned is that one's privacy is slightly improved if one views resources on MyWebspace when one is not actually logged in to such service, else one's login ID becomes part of the logs, which otherwise likely contain only the usual suspects (IP, timestamp, client ...). Did you know that you're broadcasting your IP on the IntarWeb?

The Bean in Chicago at night
The Bean at night

TV show of the season? Heroes—it is not that it is necessarily the best show or even best new show on network television this season, and frankly, that is not even a question or category that interests me, for I am not on the lookout for new shows to watch ... I am happy with one or two, which just happen to tide me over while the Stargate franchises go on hiatus. By best I loosely indicate an interesting setup, good mix of known and unknown actors, competently-performed roles and interesting characters, good subplots to go with the main plot(s), and a high concept. It is not Lost, though—lost takes jerking the audience to a level that becomes art; Heroes is just mass-marketed pulp (with website tie-ins, etc.), but a nice diversion. And, even there ...

Leena and The Bean
Leena and
The Bean

... looking back on it—as I did a bit this afternoon while riding the 38 home from Van Hise and passing The Saxony, my old place of residence—I find it amusing that in my circle of friends/colleagues, only DE and perhaps FL watch more popular culture than do I, but I am hardly an excessive or even average consumer, and that which I do consume, while fitting a demographic profile of some sort that includes white males between 18 and 35, I suspect, is not entirely mainstream. But, and this was the looking back part, this consumption on my part goes back only to 2001 at the earliest (since we had a TV at the Johnson Street house), and really dates, perhaps, to the 2004–2005 academic year, when I inherited J&C's television.

The Bean and background
The Bean
and background

At the house I picked up occasional episodes (first watched Buffy, caught the well-written West Wing stuff, saw one Alias episode), but watched very few things with any regularity, and even J&C's TV received little use (I was more likely to attach my DVD player and VCR to my old Mac's composite video input), but that was the year that I watched the old seasons of SG-1, started Veronica Mars and Lost, and joined the BSG and Doctor Who craze.

Truly creative Nigerian scams would become postmodern. Mr. Morris Thompson, his wife, and his daughter would have perished on an Oceanic flight from Sydney. They might have $48,151,632 to deal with. It would not be Philip Müller writing to me but someone named James or Sawyer.

From: philip_muller@walla.com
Subject: Transaktion
Date: November 8, 2006 12:39:31 PM CST

Sehr geehrter
Mein Name ist Philip Müller. Ich bin deutscher Staatsbürger und arbeite in der Abteilung für Privatinvestoren bei einer großen Bank in Großbritannien. Ich verwalte das Vermögen eines Kunden (Mr. Morris Thompson ein Amerikaner), der am 31. Januar 2000 mit seiner Ehefrau und seiner einzigen Tochter bei dem Flugzeugabsturz von Alaska Airlines Flug 261 verunglückt ist. Sie erfahren mehr über den Absturz unter http://www.cnn.com/2000/US/02/01/alaska.airlines.list/ Ich kontaktiere sie bezüglich des Vermögens in Höhe von $ 38,000,000 (Achtunddreißigtausend Siebenhundertfünfzig Millionen United States Dollars), weil ich ihre Unterstützung brauche. Die Bank hat nach Ablauf einer Frist, das Recht Gelder bzw. Kapitalvermögen einzubehalten, wenn auszuschließen ist, daß keine Erben bzw. Bevollmächtigte Anspruch erheben. In diesem geschilderten Fall ist die Bank, soweit sich keine weiteren Angehörigen melden, berechtigt die $ 38,000,000 ihr Eigen zu nennen. Dies möchte ich verhindern. Sind sie bereit mir zu helfen? Wenn Sie sich als Nächstverwandter bei der Bank melden, muß diese das Vermögen an Sie auszahlen. Sind Sie vertrauensvoll? Können Sie mit einer solchen Geldsumme umgehen? Wenn ja melden Sie sich bitte bei mir philip_muller@walla.com Fordern Sie das Vermögen von der Bank. Die notwendigen Details und Informationen die es Ihnen erleichtern und vereinfachen wird das Vermögen zu erhalten sende ich Ihnen zu, sobald ich Ihr Einverständnis zum Fortfahren in dieser Sache erhalte. Sobald Sie zusagen werde ich Sie mit allen wichtigen Schritten dieser Transaktion vertraut machen. Ich garantiere Ihnen, daß diese Transaktion rechtsmäßig ablaufen wird, so daß Sie zu keinem Zeitpunkt gesetzeswidrig handeln. Für Ihre Unterstützung erhalten sie 30% der totalen Summe. Da das Geld nicht bar in das Ursprungsland zurückzubringen ist, verpflichten Sie sich ihren Anteil bestmöglich in ihrem Land zu investieren. Hoffentlich werden Sie mein Anliegen überdenken und mir positiv antworten. Wenn Sie Zweifel oder Fragen haben zögern Sie bitte nicht mich zu kontaktieren.

Richten Sie ihre Fragen an mich; ungeklärte Fragen sollten Sie nicht in ihrer Entscheidungsfindung aufhalten.

Ich erwarte ihre Antwort.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Philip Müller
War Criminel
Ivana with
the War Criminel

That such criminals and fools do not go to such lengths saddens me; I at least want entertainment value from my poorly executed scam attempts.

And back to popular culture. Heroes continues its march forward, though disappointingly it contained dialogue straight out of daytime soaps this evening, especially when Mohinder encounters an old flame—quite uninspired. In contrast, Hiro's encounter with the waitress was touching and cute. It is my current comic book fix, since I have fallen behind when it comes to a few of my favorites.

From the gallery of miniatures, Art Institute of Chicago
Miniature at Art Institute

As of this evening I have only about thirty pages left in Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which has been a truly wonderful if a bit slow and delayed read. I began it so long ago in Berlin, probably after finishing Never Let Me Go, one of the best short novels I've read in recent memory, but between Fulbright and dissertation obligations, not to mention visitors, and the pure length of the novel itself, it is only now that I approach its end, and it wasn't until several chapters back, when—spoiler warning of sorts—Strange produced his Venetian warning to Norrell and others, as told to Lascelles, that a momentary chill accompanied the reading experience; it as a moment out of a thriller, or perhaps that point in a fantasy or adventure novel when the protagonist turns the table after countless challenges, and the reader believes, now it is serious, now it's time for the ass-kicking to begin.

The Raven King's appearance is Gaimanesque, and there is more than just a little Morpheus in him.

Nalyubuites', nalyubuites'
Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris

Stand alone... Where was life when it had a meaning...
Stand alone... Nothing's real anymore and...

—November 13 2006