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German Literature

As a grad student in German literature, my site would not be complete without a page or two devoted to the subject. When and if Americans encounter German literatue, it is often in the form of translation. From my experience, most often the only authors encountered are Kafka and Hesse; some have read Mann's novels and novellas. And occasionally I get email from people asking about German Romantic poetry. Kafka, Hesse and Mann are among my favorites, and while I am not expert in the German Romantics, I do enjoy a great deal of German poetry. In addition, there is a whole world of drama as well as wonderful works by lesser-known artists. On this page I plan on posting infromation about my favorite authors as well as about my research interests. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at hyperion47@excite.com.

Here are some poems I enjoy. Many are rather "modern." There is also some overlap with my "Sonnets" page.

The German-language poems I have stored on this site are listed on a separate German Poems page.

A separate page is devoted to links to other German Literature/Culture-oriented sites.

I have also put together a small site on Hugo von Hofmannsthal. There, you can find biographical information, poems, and informatino regarding his other works.

Here is some work done on Hesse's Der Steppenwolf:

And here is a little work done on Kafka: