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Rotary Symbol
The Blue Blazer

A few Pictures

Below you will find a short list of pictures from my year abroad as an exchange student. Most are Rotary oriented....and almost all are from Germany.

10f2.jpg        30 Kb    Friends from class 10f2 at the Gymnasium
berlinzoo...    31 Kb    A group of us at the Berlin Zoo
blazer1.jpg     14 Kb    My blazer and I at Fasching
blazer2.jpg     26 Kb    My blazer and I at the local Schützenfest
celle.jpg       22 Kb    Group photo in Celle (on the Deutschland Tour)
christie.jpg     9 Kb    Christie, another exchangee from Idaho - going to Brazil
dresden.jpg     78 Kb    The Dresden Opera House (big picture)
konstanz.jpg    28 Kb    Here I am in Konstanz with...well...
london.jpg      27 Kb    London - the airport - heading to Hannover
london2.jpg      9 Kb    London (cropped version of the above photo)
lubeck1.jpg     69 Kb    Ice Cream (big picture)
lubeck2.jpg     22 Kb    Ice Cream (small picture)
lubeck3.jpg     82 Kb    Nice Car (big picture)
lubeck4.jpg     19 Kb    Nice Car (small picture)
rotary01.jpg    37 Kb    Gathering in Gifhorn
rotary02.jpg    18 Kb    Drinking in Soltau
rotary03.jpg    14 Kb    Lunch in Soltau with Eric, Natalie, Mike, and a friend
rotary04.jpg    19 Kb    Natalie, Ramsey, a horse and Angela
rotary05.jpg    46 Kb    Group photo in Soltau
rotary06.jpg    24 Kb    A little Low German
rotary07.jpg    27 Kb    Berlin: Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Kirche
rotary08.jpg    25 Kb    Harz: Clausthall-Zellerfeld
rotary09.jpg    14 Kb    Goslar: me and a small door...
rotary10.jpg    11 Kb    Händel-Haus, Halle
rotary11.jpg    15 Kb    Fasching Party at the Gymnasium (March 2nd, 1992)
rotary12.jpg     8 Kb    My host-father
rotary13.jpg     8 Kb    My host-brother and I - Rheinfall, Switzerland
rotary14.jpg    24 Kb    Nürnberg - ROTEX Deutschland Tour
rotary15.jpg    40 Kb    Zwinger, Dresden (Deutschland Tour)
rotary16.jpg    20 Kb    Dresden, overlooking the Elbe
rotary17.jpg    18 Kb    Schiffergesellschaft restaurant, Lübeck
rotary18.jpg    33 Kb    Schiffergesellschaft - Smile!
rotary19.jpg    14 Kb    Rathaus, Hamburg
rotary20.jpg    16 Kb    After our trip into a coal mine
rotary21.jpg    11 Kb    Kölner Dom - we climbed to the top
rotary22.jpg    22 Kb    Dresden, again (different trip, different group)
rotary23.jpg    24 Kb    Gilde brewery, Hannover...paradise...
rotary24.jpg    13 Kb    After an hour of free beer...
rotary25.jpg    20 Kb    Class trip.  Basel, Switzerland
rotary26.jpg    31 Kb    Die Klasse 10f2...and their feelings for me
rotary27.jpg    29 Kb    Saying good-bye...
rotary28.jpg    20 Kb    Meditating after Lunch...
torfhaus.jpg    24 Kb    Youth hostel in the Harz; My birthday