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Rotary Symbol
The Blue Blazer

A few Songs

Exchangee Song

(Your lyrics may vary...)


Exchanges, exchangess a long way from home
We're highly obnoxious, so leave us alone
We drink when we're thirsty, we drink when we're dry
We drink 'till we're motherless and then we get hi...


...ai yai yai yai
Sing, sing, exchangees, exchangees
We live it up, we live it up, we live it up, we do
So pass some more Tequila
(Weizenbier, or whatever your favorite alcoholic beverage may be)


If the ocean were whiskey and I were a duck
I'd swim to the bottom and drink my way up
But the ocean's not whiskey and I'm not a duck
So let's go to Germany and have a good f...


Exchangees, exchangees all crammed on a bus
We're sober, we're virgins and burning with lust
No drinking, no driving, no romance, no grass
These Rotary rules are a pain in the a...


Host brothers and sisters, we like them a lot
As a matter of fact, things can get pretty hot
We give them a quick kiss, we use all our wit
Until we get caught and land in deep sh...


Exchangees, exchangees, together at last
We all love each other and have such a blast
One day we'll be doctors, one day engineers
But right at the moment, we're into our ...


We really love ROTEX we think they are great
They love us too, though we pay when we're late
They tease us a lot but we know in the end
What they do is for us but it's their time they spend


No we're just kidding, we're loving our stay
Thank you and thank you is all we can say
Thank you and thank you, it's been a great year
We've had lots of fun and drunk lots of b...


Exchangees, exchangees, our year's nearly up
We've had lots of fun and we're not gonna stop
We love our host families and hate to say cheers
And as we go home, our eyes fill with ...

"On the [BLANK] Month of my Exchange ..."

On the first month of my exchange my counsellor said to me: "Don't fuck around with Rotary"...

"Don't drink and drive"
"Don't do drugs"
"Don't skip school"
"Don't fall in love"
"Don't eat too much"
"Your German sucks"
"Your family's pissed"
"What's your name?"
"You've broken all the rules"
"You're going home"
"You Have Survived..."

Tie me kangaroo down ...

There's an old Australian stockman lying, dying
And he gets himself up on one elbow and turns to his mates who are gathered around
And he says,

Tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down.
Tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down.

Watch me wallabies feed mate, watch me wallabies feed.
They're a dangerous breed mate, so watch me wallabies feed.

Tie me kangaroo...

Keep me cockatoo cool Curl, keep me cockatoo cool.
Don't go acting the fool Curl, just keep me cockatoo cool.

Tie me kangaroo...

Take me koala back Jack, take me koala back.
He lives somewhere out on the track Jack, so take me koala back.

Tie me kangaroo...

Mind me platypus duck Bill, now mind me playpus duck.
Don't go let him run in a muck Bill, just mind me platypus duck.

Tie me kangaroo...

Play me digereedoo Blue, play me digereedo.
Aw, keep playing 'til I shoot through Blue, just play me digereedoo.

Tie me kangeroo...

Tan me hide when I'd dead Fred, tan me hide when I'm dead.
So they tanned his hide when he died, Clyde, and that's it hanging on the shed.

Tie me kangaroo...

He ain't gonna jump no more

Johnny was an alcoholic in the RSL (x3)

Chorus: And he ain' gonna jump no more

Jumped from 40,000 feet without a parachute (x3)


Glory, glory what a hell of a way to die (x3)


He landed on the tarmac like a lump of strawberry jam (x3)


The scraped him off the tarmac with a rusty razor blade (x3)


They put him in an envelope and sent him home to mum (x3)


She put him on the mantlepiece for everyone to see (x3)


The cat jumped up on the mantlepiece and ate him up for tea (x3)